Once the Photographer, Producer or Director have decided on what kind of location or scenery they require for their production, the search for a suitable location begins. Independent Locations understands that there are times when a client doesn't have access to send a location scout out to take photos and review the logistics of the locations that they are interested in. So if you can't find that specific location on our website for your production why not hire the people that are in the location scouting business, with over 20 years of scouting experience, our location scouts go above and beyond, to give you a complete breakdown of the location requested. When hiring our scouts here are a few factors they take into consideration for our clients, these include:

Overall aesthetics of the location
Location Photos
Permit (if permit needed what city and permit office)
Research Neighborhood Association (if any)
Location logistics, the distance from base to location
Research Parking availability for crew and talent
Electrical power availability for production if needed
Weather forecast

If you have any questions regarding location rentals, please contact us at 818-642-0957 or email us at inlocation@aol.com.
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